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Dog Training AND BEHAVIOUR Christchurch

Puppy Classes, Puppy Training, Adult Training, Obedience & Behaviour Consults

At Sit Happens Christchurch we offer Group Classes, Private Trainings, Day Training, Puppy Socialisation and Group Walks. What's most beneficial for you depends on what you are looking for with your dog.
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Group Classes

In Group Classes Sit Happens offers the benefit of having supported learning experiences over multiple weeks including enhanced learning opportunities through Training Videos for lower costs. We can use the other humans and dogs in class as controlled distractions and in Puppy Classes the doggies also get to socialise. Our puppy classes are small with a maximum of 5 dogs to ensure lots of personal advice can be given. Our Puppy Preschool locations are in Ferrymead at the Estuary Veterinary Clinic, at the MacFarlane Park Centre close to the Palms Shopping Centre and in Hei Hei close to Hornby.

Sit Happens offers Christchurch’s best and most trusted Puppy Classes because they are small, personal, lots of fun and offer continuous support. Puppies get to socialise in a safe environment and really learn to enjoy focusing on their family.

Private Dog & Puppy Training

In Private Training Sit Happens can assess exactly what training your dog needs, develop a Personal Training Plan (enriched with Training Videos and other resources) that can be sent out after the session and we can meet whenever suits you best. All the time of the training is dedicated to you and your dog. We offer Private Trainings at your home or local area in Christchurch, but also at our training locations in Ferrymead, St Albans or Shirley where you can save the travel costs.

Puppy Socialisation Classes

In Puppy Socialisation Sit Happens take the most important thing to teach a new puppy very serious. Multiple Play Groups divided by size & temperament with experienced supervisors and lots of play pens to create room. Give your puppy the opportunity to gain more confidence, learn play boundaries and have fun!

Dog Walking

In Sit Happens Group Walks we pick your dog up, give them mental and physical stimulation, socialisation with up to 4 other dogs and then we drop them back home, satisfied, happy and tired. The walks will be controlled and the dogs will be assessed for their off-lead group-walk suitability. Our walks are tracked to let you see where your pooch was off to and of course we always take a bunch of photos and videos.


What our clients say about us

Before we got our puppy (Marley), we had read and were told a lot of varying and conflicting information on how to train and manage dogs behaviour, it was confusing.. Until we met Lisa! Lisa has been so incredible with guiding us in a way that has been fun, kind and most importantly, effective. We have loved her passion and style of training, which has made complete sense to us.
Lisa is so passionate and has been able to help us manage any tricky behaviours with great outcomes! Her approach, philosophy and explanations for managing behaviour makes complete sense and what I found most helpful was her showing us how to put it into practice with Marley! I couldn’t recommend Lisa enough! Thanks Lisa you are the best dog whisperer!
— Natasha Graham
We have just graduated from 8 weeks puppy training with Lisa! We have learnt so much from Lisa and our puppy has definitely benefitted from Lisa’s excellent dog training skills!! Lisa is extremely patient, kind and consistent in her training techniques. She answered a huge amount of questions and helped us so much to understand our puppy!!
Thank you Lisa
— Karen Lodder